Sizes We Offer

  • 25 Square Feet: Skis, fishing gear, golf bags and others. Small furniture - chests of drawers, chairs, rugs, other household items.
  • 50 Square Feet: Household items and furniture - beds, washer, dryer, refrigerators and others. Yard items - lawnmowers, tools, motorcycles, outdoor furniture and others.
  • 75 Square Feet: Inactive files, surplus furniture, household items and others.
  • 100 Square Feet: Furniture and household items from a 1 bedroom apartment without major appliances. Shop tools, parts, merchandise and inactive files.
  • 150 Square Feet: Furniture and household items from a 2 bedroom apartment or small house with major appliances.
  • 200 Square Feet: Furniture and household items, major appliances from a moderate or large size house. Small automobile or boat.
  • 250 Square Feet: Large automobile or boat and other items
  • 300 Square Feet: Contents of a 50 foot moving van. Inventory, records, merchandise.

Size may vary due to wall thickness and height. Most units are 10 feet in height. To arrive at the number of cubic feet, in a storage space, follow the below example.

Cubic Feet = Length x Width x 10'

A 5 x 10 unit would be (5' x 10' x 10') or 500 cubic feet